Questions and Answers


Can I make a glass panel to my size?
Yes! Glass panel is made solely by the size you need. Be very careful with the measurements as the glass will no longer be cut or polished after annealing.

Can I make a glass panel and stick my picture on it?
Yes! Send us the picture and the panel size. Our experts will appreciate it will handle your size and give you an answer.

How long does it take to make the glass panel?
At least 4 weeks should be considered.

The difference between normal glass from the clarified glass?
Clear glass is a highly transparent glass. Theoretically - without other color blends. The main difference from ordinary glass is that ordinary glass has a slightly green tint. Clear glass is "clean" thanks to the minimal content of iron oxide. Glass is widely used in areas where maximum color purity is to be achieved.

What to consider when ordering a glass panel?
The first and foremost is the color differences of the monitor. As we have already written, the colors you see on your monitor may differ from the colors on the glass panel. Monitors have different color spectra, filters. Unfortunately, we cannot see the colors you see on your monitor. The difference is even whether the monitor is glossy or matt. The colors even vary depending on the angle you are looking at the monitor. Therefore, remember when contrast and colors may differ. Colors can be affected by the greenish tint of ordinary glass. The second. Picture. When you enlarge the picture to about 3m, the contrast will never be as you see it on your monitor in its small size. The contours on the picture will be blurred. Often people "seem" to see a city from a distance, which you see ideally on your computer monitor, we will see the same thing on the glass panel. This is a misconception. To see the same thing you see on your monitor, you need to move away from the glass panel so that the circumference of the glass panel is the same size as what you see on your computer. The same is true with tree leaves, twigs and other small details on the picture.

How many mounting holes do I need to secure the glass panel?
It depends on the length of the glass panel and the flatness of the wall, the position of the sockets and the mounting of the sockets. It is also important to note that the mount should not be located above the hotplate (gas cooker, electric cooker) or in areas with so-called active activity (intensive cleaning will be required). If the sockets are fastened to the wall-mounted sockets and are close to the mounting location, the mounting hole may not be planned, but from experience we can say that symmetrical mounting holes still look better. But each case is really individual so contact our specialists who will answer your questions.

Can you make frosted glass?
Yes we can. There are two ways to do this. Matte gluing (two types of economic and sandblasting film) or ordering Matelux glass. Semi-transparent, neutral frosted glass. Matelux glass is a chemically matt glass with high durability. Chemically frosted glass is easy to maintain and does not retain the characteristic fingerprints on the glass surface, as is the case on a non-matte glass surface. But it is also much more expensive because of the laminated glass with a special film between the glasses.